More than inspiration with one of the most brilliant and experienced speakers in Germany. This is about your decision!

personal decision style - leadership - adaptation - resilience

The Mastermind Group ensures you more than participation in a unique program, more than learning success, more than immediate and long-term learning and sales success. It ensures you lifelong access to a unique network of selected people who challenge and encourage you. With wisdom, knowledge and expertise. Whose decision-making skills sharpen yours. In addition to excellence, this network has one goal: continuity in a world in which everything changes permanently.

The evening program on Decision, Leadership and Change

Experience an inspiring keynote adapted to the red-hot topics of your house.

Subsequently, we will capture the thoughts, arguments, positions in a lively discourse and bring them to speak constructively. Moderated neutrally, your key players will experience and engage themselves anew and soon embark on a journey full of decisiveness, which is characterized by three aspects:

  1. Common goals
  2. Design of best and worst case scenarios
  3. Faster decisions that everyone can get behind

Feel free to contact us with your ideas.

Process and change support with the team

Agile working and New Work want to be moderated and accompanied by experts. That means

  1. Set impulses
  2. Gather learning experiences
  3. Re-evaluate failures as learning successes and
  4. Implement a culture of experimentation instead of troubleshooting

We provide the necessary impetus, change expertise, minimum and workstream facilitation, while you focus on content and subject matter expertise. A hand-in-hand, masterpiece.

Be inspired like our existing corporate customers

Process and change support with the team

Challenge talents and high potentials in a new way, promote innovation potentials with team spirit. We take over for you

  1. Concentration
  2. Moderation
  3. Results presentation
  4. Follow-Up
  5. Next Step Plan and Implementation

Let us take two or three steps at once with your strategy, HR, marketing teams. So that we don't run out of time

The exceptional mastermind, with our customers design and also implementable at your site.

Because if you focus on sustainability, then we can leave again, and our services will stay with you on site:

  1. Leadership
  2. New Work
  3. Resilience

and of course their red-hot topics, We offer infrastructure, training of your coaches to become future masterminds including certification, and also your organization is ready for the in-house mastermind.

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"Inspire people first.
only then confront what is necessary."

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