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Zu Entscheidung, Change und Digital Trust

Frauke Lodan (The Pioneer) talks to us about weak decision-making in politics and management. Why this represents an international competitive disadvantage for Germany.

The GEDANKENtanken - Podcast - What decisions you need to make in management and leadership to lead and inspire people.

In conversation with Dr. Claus Hartmann - What decisions are necessary for sustainable business and why, despite all the opportunities, we find it so difficult to make them.

In conversation with business and labor lawyer Sandro Wulff - Why the decision for a diversity regulation and in particular a women's quota is right NOW and which risks we contain with it.

In conversation with persoblogger Stefan Scheller - Why trust is the most important management skill, enables change and digitization, and why transformation only succeeds through it. 

With Green Brands and LifeVerde founder Marcus Noack at the Green Micro on New Work, sustainability and decisions in StartUp companies.

In conversation with MANA HR founder Dominik Becker - What resolutions and changes are needed in talent management and recruiting, active sourcing and employer branding. Urgent!

Talking to REXX SOFTWARE HR expert Kristian Kretschmann about the decision for digitalization against the shortage of skilled workers and the positioning of HR.


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In conversation with Alissa Stein from Hamburg 1 - Why are decisions difficult? How can decisions be trained and which decisions actually have to be made in companies? What is the truth about so-called gut decisions and are they also advisable in companies?
In conversation with Managing Director Jörg Rositzke of Hamburg 1 - From small everyday decisions to complex situations. How we can escape the decision trap. The "Decision Matrix" presented on TV.

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