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Brevier to the "Decision Matrix" for people who are looking for quick solutions in complex situations: The 6 steps to a sustainable good decision. What a decision actually is and why decisions are more necessary than ever. How we choose between several alternatives for ourselves and in responsibility for others. How we delegate decisions and thus bring about sustainable change. So that we can trust in our decisions from now on, Johanna Dahm developed this "How to" - available now exclusively on Spotify in German and English.

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The new and unique standard work on the subject - 31 international authors provide best practice. 31 true incidents in complex decision-making situations. From companies and families, from flight and flood, migrants and mothers, dads and patients, survivors and highflyers. Rounded off by contributions from futurologist Sven Gabor Jansky, brand expert Herman Scherer and motivation specialist Antje Heimsoeth. 

Daimler reads it, Google reads it, VW and German Customs read it as well. Why?

8 out of 10 Germans postpone decisions, 9 out of 10 executives postpone decisions. No wonder when economic and private stagnation are bemoaned. What are the causes, what are the consequences? More important: What helps against procrastination and in favor of decisiveness in important reforms of the shortage of skilled workers, health care reform, global climate change? What decisions do we have to make today in order to be able to act tomorrow? 

Finding employees, finding successors, finding investors - And everything revolves around the most important ace: how to position yourself, how to ensure the continuation of the company, and with the right people - all this is described to the point. Memorable, with good templates and appealing language. This work belongs on every desk!

Around 1 million German companies will close by 2025. The consequences for the country's innovative strength and competitiveness are predictable. What can you do? Learn from hidden champions and leading SMEs the recipes for success

  • Strategic positioning
  • Leadership
  • Secure skilled workers
  • Ensure succession
  • Perfect recruiting
Leading in and through times of crisis to avoid management mistakes and act decisively. How should managers and HR executives address the shortage of skilled workers and successors in and after Covid-19? How should entrepreneurs manage megatrends such as positioning and digitization while ensuring innovation? These hot spots affect small mid-sized companies and top entrepreneurs alike, and they don't even stop at renowned employer brands. That's why 17 authors have gathered their expertise as HR managers, executives, trainers and consultants. They have all successfully mastered global crises such as the dotcom, financial and euro crises as entrepreneurs and managers.
Large companies as well as medium-sized businesses are relying more and more on the recruitment of women to drive change, to manage crises, and above all to satisfy customers. What can facilitate the recruitment of women, communication and cooperation between the sexes and, above all, overcoming unspoken prejudices? Because one thing is certain: Not only current challenges such as the economic crisis but also burning innovation bottlenecks due to the generation problem must be overcome - read the award-winning presentation from the Personnel Congress 2020 now and understand the background.

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