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Even as a teenager, Johanna wanted to discuss grievances and look at things from several sides. What suited her were dialectics and testing hypotheses about the future for potential feasibility. Despite financing her studies herself with three part-time jobs, she graduated with a 1.0, and her doctorate with Summa cum Laude.

She grew up in NRW, and equal treatment and integration issues were close to her heart. No wonder, then, that in 1994 she was one of the first schoolgirls to drive across the then border to Jena to give a blazing speech on reunification "The Divided German - The Wall Must Go" to TV, radio and politicians as a representative of the German School Students' Association.

Her commitment to Amnesty Int. and Greenpeace also sparked her talent for public speaking, and she was predicted a career in politics, among other things. However, she decided otherwise, also against her parents' company, and at the age of 25, parallel to her doctorate, founded her first consulting firm, winning the Employability Award of the European Union shortly thereafter. This was followed by international management and personnel responsibilities at management consultancy Accenture and life science group Novartis, the latter as the youngest female executive. Her goal has always been to accompany decision-makers through crises and change, thereby creating the best possible working environment and development conditions for people and the organization. For this she received, among others, the World Class Leader Award as well as the Diversity & Inclusion Award. Her travels have taken her to India and Asia, Scandinavia, Switzerland and the USA. Privately, she is committed to fighting female circumcision in a small community in Egypt. She has taken on several sponsorships there.

Today Johanna lives in the tranquil Rhineland and in vibrant Frankfurt am Main. Contrasts, change and movement have always characterized her life so far. She enjoys long walks along the Rhine just as much as the sprint to the plane. With conviction she helps her clients to grow beyond themselves, because she knows from her own experience that you have to go beyond your comfort zone. Her motto is: No change without a decision!

My promise

Clarity even in complex situations, added value for people, organizations and society that lasts even in change.

Locally present, globally networked


Awards for Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion, Employability


Consulting hours / year, also digital, keynotes, masterclasses

21 Years

Expertise with hidden champions, DAX and large companies

15 Partners

in 7 countries, multilingual, interdisciplinary for holistic value creation

Sensing trends, working with first movers

In close cooperation with international universities for 21 years. To help shape the alliance between business and science. To diagnose changing trends early on. To moderate change.

Organizational developer, management consultant, author and keynote speaker. My concern: To help people and companies grow beyond themselves. First in leadership roles in global consulting and industrial companies, then in my own company. To accompany people in decisions, development and change. Together with an excellent team of experts. Based on the deep conviction that success is only possible together with creative, versatile minds and different approaches.
Since 2008 New Work Expert (London Business School) and since 2012 Systemic Business and Organizational Consultant (ECA/St. Gallen) with focus on crisis/change/transformation coaching. Change and its management has always shaped my life since I have been able to support people and companies in the euro/financial crisis, healthcare reform, shortage of skilled workers and succession bottleneck.
In continuous exchange between customers and partners, we have developed tools that have demonstrably helped thousands of people in their transformation - from startups to corporations. Some of our publications have reached bestseller status and our assessments are AI-supported.
Only recently I published "The Decision Matrix" in Springer-Verlag - it is about the possibility to make better decisions faster, to delegate them transparently, to build a decision culture of trust. With simple formulas, many companies already succeed in reducing complexity, mastering acute challenges, making decisions without fear of making mistakes.
I travel a lot due to my work and meet outstanding people, speak at conferences and in front of boards. Some content can be found online. But personal contact is the best. Let's talk.

Basics and Values

Clear, respectful and value-driven action is a basic prerequisite for good relationships.

Equality is good for us, 
Diversity makes the difference

As the child of a family of doctors, I decided against succeeding the family business and started from scratch. I know what it means to earn your own bread. I have come to know and appreciate people from all nations and walks of life through self-earned studies, life in a dormitory, and traveling. Equality means for me not only quota, not only equal pay but REAL equality and justice, which is granted to all people regardless of education, origin, physical characteristics and social background. This begins with thought and language behavior.

Decisions make the person

Given the general acceleration, the increase of goods and services, the general possibilities, it is comfortable to have a choice and to postpone decisions. But then growth and active design, creativity from the spectator perspective is not possible. That's why I accompany clients who actually want and desire transformation. Even if this path is sometimes rocky, that's why we walk it together as partners and with noticeable lasting added value. My own life and the companies in which I was and am active are a good school for me here.

Commitment pays off

With the proceeds from our publications, we have already been able to generate over 35000 euros for The Ocean CleanUp Project, the world's largest organization for freeing the oceans from plastic waste. We also do without paper and plastic in our offices and travel exclusively by public transport. Because we care about the future of our planet. If you would like to get involved with us, please contact us.


Working on rising expectations every day and guiding people through decision-making bottlenecks.

With honor and joy we accompany

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