Dr. Johanna Dahm


About Johanna

Johanna Dahm holds a doctorate in cultural studies, communication studies and business philosophy (Heidelberg, Florence and Cologne). Even before graduating, she founded her first consultancy in 2001 with venture capital from Henkel KGaA. She was thus considered one of the pioneers of web-based personnel selection and development. In 2006 she sold the GmbH to her employees, moved to the management consultancy Accenture, and 24 months later to the top management of the pharmaceutical and health care company Novartis AG. While working, she completed her MBA and business coaching training in St. Gallen. After stays abroad in Switzerland, USA, India, Scandinavia and several changes within the organization, she returned to Germany for family reasons and founded Dahm International Consulting in 2015. Since the beginning of her career, she has held international leadership, HR, project and team responsibilities. Trained as a strategy consultant, she initiates research projects with universities, think tanks, holds seminars and keynotes to stay in the closest exchange with all stakeholders. Proceeds from the multiple bestselling author and editor's books benefit TheOceanCleanUp environmental project to rid rivers and oceans of plastic waste. Johanna has received a number of national and international awards for her work to date.