Executive Consulting

Decisions made by executives and senior management are seen as the yes and amen - often the degree of difficulty and far-reaching impact on the company and its stakeholders are underestimated and not sufficiently valued, the well-being of the company and its employees, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders are constantly calculated.

Decisions are all the more complex and difficult in the VUKA world because of the increase in uncertainties and risks. Dahm International Consulting is at your side when you have to make decisions despite sparse information and data, or when you have to make unpopular, uncomfortable decisions. Not infrequently these can be conflictual, have to be made under time pressure and high risk - together we use data-based scenario techniques, Worst/Best Cases, Plan X and Leadership Excellence to ensure that you make the best possible decisions to ensure the well-being of the company and its stakeholders.


Thousands of hours are spent by highly paid professionals and executives in meetings without any significant decisions being made. This is because no one ensures structure, focus, dispute culture and outcome. And because no one really knows how to make better decisions. Meetings can and should be focused on one goal: to avoid frustrating participants, to consider all relevant aspects, to include perspectives, and to find solutions instead of adjourning.

Dahm International Consulting takes on the role of facilitator: listening to all opinions, creating the big picture, guaranteeing structure and focus as a basis for decision-making so that decisions are made to save time and resources.

Transformation Accompaniment

Transformation demands a multitude of decisions in order to successfully realize change. The basic requirements are

1. clarity about which changes are to be implemented and with which methods.

2. focus on the most important changes and ensure that resources are used effectively.

3. responsibilities, who is responsible for implementing the changes and who has which tasks.

4. communication, clearly communicating change and ensuring that all employees and stakeholders understand what is expected of them.

5. time management, i.e. concentration and bundling of the forces of all participants on the same thing.

Dahm International Consulting stands for person-centered effective transformation support that achieves the desired results and accompanies future-oriented decisions.