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call Johanna Dahm the "decision-making pope".

As an executive, change manager and organizational developer, she has won numerous awards and is THE decision-making expert in the German-speaking world, advising hidden champions and global companies, as well as the public sector. The focus is always on decision and trust as the basis for the ability of people and organizations to act. Her keynotes are celebrated, as an author, lecturer and founder she is a sought-after guest in numerous TA, radio and podcast shows. At the University of Cologne, IUBH she teaches executives and MBA in modern management and discusses the relevance of decisions. Together with Macromedia University she recently conducted studies on Decision Making and New Work. She publishes regularly on this topic, on the best symbiosis of data analytics and trained intuition, including articles and her latest publication "The Decision Matrix". The goal is to gain confidence in managing complexity and trust in faster decisions - also in the collaboration of machine and human.

As a decision consultant and coach

she puts the methods she has developed for scientific and economic decision-making at the service of both people and organizations. Increased decisiveness, resilience against crises, adaptation and reorientation, learning experience and future decision-making competence in leadership and self-leadership are essential modules to master and actively shape transformations as individuals and companies. Johanna's vision of the constant Growing Leader Mindset can be found in all her publications and consulting approaches. She sees it as indispensable, especially in times of New Work.

In masterminds and mentoring

she shares her expertise as a young founder and youngest female executive of a global corporation, sharpens decisions and sparring in implementation phases. In addition, she has a brilliant international network at her disposal to accompany careers, business plans and start-ups. Not least because of this, companies are already commissioning her to set up internal mastermind and mentoring programs to leverage her best practices.

As an author

of numerous management books and especially the "Decision Matrix" with 1500 e-book downloads per month, she has greatly changed the image of the guidebook to implementation literature. From medium-sized businesses to the management board of Google, VW & Co, her publications are read, appreciated and recommended. This is the reason for the numerous invitations to guest lectures also at international universities and cooperative studies on decision types such as with Macromedia and Galileo.

As an entrepreneur

not only two of her own companies, but also founder of startups and companion of GrownUps, she knows the levers of entrepreneurship. Self-employment and founding, entrepreneurship require continuous decisions under pressure, which she also reports about at Entrepreneur University or StartUp Valley.

Privat lebt Johanna Dahm im Rheinland sowie in Frankfurt/Main. Bereits während der Schul- und Studienzeit war sie erst als Klassensprecherin, später in eigenen Kolloquien um stets faire Entscheidungen bemüht. Bis heute lief sie zahlreiche Pilgerwege, darunter zweimal den Jakobsweg.

Decisions and trust cannot be thought of without each other - Key Note at the biggest digital HR events

In the discussion with politics and business

Under the motto "Pandemic and then?" we understood from Dr. Dahm how business can happen together, sustainably, agilely and above all collectively in a hybrid world. Thank you for that!

Division Manager New Work, Banking Association

Outlook Agile Leadership

Johanna Dahm is brilliant as a consultant and speaker. I have also booked her for motivational workshops for our academy - the feedback is always excellent and I can always recommend her in all areas.

Head of BVMW, Berlin

On big stages like GEDANKENtanken

...really the absolute decision expert if not the queen of decisions. I had the great pleasure and was allowed to enjoy her lecture on the same topic and can only recommend everyone to experience her on stage! It is a true firework of knowledge, rhetoric and entertainment.

Automotive Management Consultant


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"Identifying bottlenecks, removing friction. That's what coaching is for. The realization is the first step, the decision the second. Then comes the change. Change is always preceded by a decision."

Dr. Johanna Dahm, GF Dahm International Consulting

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